The story
 of Yialos Ios Hotel

The building were Yialos Ios Hotel is now based was built in the Interwar period by a wealthy family of Greek-Egyptian immigrants. The estate hosted stables and a charming traditional watermill, and the original purpose of the building was a cheese factory.

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After the Second World War, the building was expanded with the addition of an extra floor, in the characteristic Santorinian domed architecture that strengthens a building’s earthquake resistance.

Soon after that, the building was repurposed and operated as a vision-glass frame manufacturer. Here, a lot of women and children of the day found employment, and it was here where my father and his two sisters were occupied till the early sixties, when the factory seized its operation.

A New Begining

 blend the traditional elements of the past with the fundamentals of modern day  

For the next 15 years, the estate was abandoned, and it was then, roughly in the mid-seventies when my parents, Petros and Calliope Fronista returned from the U.S.A. where they had migrated and decided to give this resilient building a new breath of life. As the first tourists begun visiting the island, the Fronista family renovated the old factory, turning it in a youth hostel with hard work but plenty of cheer!

The Renovation

recently renovated rooms and apartments that reflect the Cycladic simplicity

After 2011, the hotel has entered a process of complete renovation and reformation in an effort to blend the traditional elements of the past with the fundamentals of modern day and to accentuate the sense of Cycladic simplicity and minimalism that often contradicts ergonomics but is always astounding. Slate stone, 400 year old reclaimed cedar beams and traditional screed come together in a harmonious, almost artistic entity that pays homage to the authentic character of the modern day Cycladic minimalism.

A warm welcome from the Family
the Fronista Family

Since 1978, the family has welcomed countless visitors, with their warm-hearted cordiality and friendly atmosphere, earning in the process treasured friendships and invaluable memories. Today, they continue with pride and joy to welcome visitors in the same amicable manner, with professionalism and the Cycladic esprit that will make you feel right at home, in Yialos Ios Hotel!

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