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Yialos Ios Hotel is located within steps from the port of Ios and the main attraction of the island; the Chora. You can reach Chora through a path or by renting a car or an ATV. Once in Chora, stroll around the picturesque alleys, where houses are built close to each other to be protected from the strong Aegean winds; have a coffee at a lovely traditional square and visit the Windmills and the church of Panagia Gremniotissa (Our Lady of the cliffs) with the amazing views. Look also for the church of Agia Ekaterini, built in the ruins of an ancient temple. Speaking of churches, take a stroll from the Yialos Ios Hotel to the church of Agia Irini at the very end of the port.

Other sites that you must visit in Ios Island are the Archaeological Museum of Ios and the Museum of Modern Art. If you are interested in the history of Ios then you have to know that the island claims the burial site of the ancient Greek poet Homer, thought to be on the hill of Psathopyrgos, very close to the Chora of Ios. The settlement of Skarkos is an important archaeological site of Ios also located close to the port of Ios and the Yialos Ios Hotel. The recently built Odysseas Elytis Theatre resembles the structure of an ancient Greek theatre where you will enjoy a spectacle during the summer months.

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The Beaches of Ios Island

Well it is no secret; the island of Ios has some of the most stunning beaches on the Aegean Sea. The endless sandy beach of Mylopotas is among the largest and Ios’ all-day summer place to be. Partly organized, with a plethora of water sport facilities and all kinds of stores, in Mylopotas you will find everything you have dreamed of and see for yourself the Greek summer at its best!

Close to Yialos Ios Hotel though you will find its namesake beach where the golden sands, the shallow waters and the quaint cafes create an amazing yet relaxing atmosphere! Other notable beaches of Ios include, the serene Agia Theodoti, Magganari- facing the famous Oia of Santorini, Psathi, were close to the port of Ios and Yialos Ios Hotel you will find Kolitsani and the beach of Koumpara.

golden beaches

Gastronomy of Ios

Ios might be a small rocky island but it carries a big culinary tradition and products that you can find only here! For example in Ios you will find some unique cheeses like Skotiri, Kefalotiri of Ios and Ksino, all of which you will have the chance to enjoy in the restaurants and tavernas of Ios. The herbs of Ios are also special, and you also have to try some honey- you can find it in the breakfast of Yialos Ios Hotel. Capers, oregano and fava (a type of lentil) are among the products that grow in the soil of Ios and have a distinctive taste that separates them from similar crops in other regions of Greece.

The most famous traditional dish of Ios is called Tsimeti and it is made with zucchini blooms stuffed with cheese and rice. The cuisine of Ios is based on fresh fish and meat and the gastronomic scene of Ios proposes some really intriguing restaurants that serve creative Mediterranean cuisine, as well as numerous traditional tavernas that are really welcoming and ready to serve the real tastes of Ios Island.

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There are plenty of things to do in Ios Island. Let’s start with the most popular one which is hiking at the shores or the hinterland of Ios. If you like hiking then put on some sporty shoes and you can start from Yialos Ios Hotel to reach- besides Chora – the beach of Koumpara where you can stop for a dive at unspoilt beaches and discover some really beautiful corners of the island along with lovely little churches scattered around the island.

Of course you can enjoy lots of water sports at the beach of Mylopotas, the likes of jet skis, parasailing, snorkelling and more. You can also find some water sport facilities at the beach next to where Yialos Ios Hotel is located. If you are interested in renting a boat or a yacht for sailing then at the port you will find everything you need for sea adventures. This is also a great opportunity to visit some of the nearby islands.

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